About Us

We help clients flesh out their investment thesis of how a proposed deal will make money. We then work with clients to test the investment thesis by concentrating on the big issues that will determine the deal's ultimate success. Taking an "outside-in" approach, we combine fieldwork interviewing customers, suppliers and competitors with sophisticated financial analysis to build a proprietary understanding of the investment's true cash flow potential.

  • Combining top and bottom line analysis...

    We build an integrated view which allows to understand realistic P&L shape and set winning price package during the bidding phase.

    Finally, as part of the due diligence process, we help clients develop an agenda for creating value once the deal is closed.

  • Our experience and network...

    Allow us to help clients quickly develop an accurate assessment of key industry performance issues, including:

    • Cash Flow Drivers
    • Market and Customer Benchmarks
    • Exit Options

    In addition to external assessment, as timing and protocol allow, we also conduct a thorough internal one, interviewing the target company's management, as well as reviewing its customer base, personnel and operations.

  • VFA Capital Can Support.

    We support all stages of this process, including presentation of letters of intent, provision of objective, third-party business analysis to enable financing and the generation of enthusiasm for the deal within the target company.

Let's build greatness together.